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So habe ich es mir nicht vorgestellt,dass die Dinge so sind…..Pläne,Träume,und plötzlich wieder eine Biegung im Weg.Vielleicht lassen sich Träume nicht wieder zum neuen Leben erwecken? Bleiben Träume wie Menschen für immer tot!

Die Bilder hierzu: https://zeitderreife.wordpress.com/


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At least for Europe it is obvious: All roads lead to Rome! You can reach the eternal city on almost 500.000 routes from all across the continent. Which road would you take?

To approach one of the biggest unsolved quests of mobility, the first question we asked ourselves was: Where do you start, when you want to know every road to Rome? We aligned starting points in a 26.503.452 km² grid covering all of Europe. Every cell of this grid contains the starting point to one of our journeys to Rome.

Now that we have our 486.713 starting points we need to find out how we could reach Rome as our destination. For this we created a algorithm that calculates one route for every trip. The more often a single street segment is used, the stronger it is drawn on the map. The maps as outcome of this project is somewhere between information visualization and data art, unveiling mobility and a very large scale. The saying „all roads lead to rome“ might refer a bronze monument built 20 BC called Miliarum Aureum (lat. „Golden Middlestone“). This milestone was located in Rome errected by the roman Emperor Caesar Augustus. The Miliarum Aureum was used as a reference point for travelling through the roman empire. It was concidered, that all roads lead to this monument.


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