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We are happy to present you TV Victor and his new piece of work „Der Kern – Das Fukushima Konzert“ on our label. Udo Heitfeld aka TV Victor was also a member of the fabulous No Zen Orchestra – and, at the same time, the first label-artist on Tresor Records, where he became legendary with several Ambient-releases.

All releases from his long period of behind-the-scenes work are absolute milestones, which you need to become acquainted with in order to comprehend the very own meaning of the musical term Trance.

Now, TV Victor is breaking new musical ground with the album „Der Kern – Das Fukushima Konzert“. The CD „Der Kern“ „(meaning “the core” / “the nucleus“)“
is a musical/acoustic image of the ambience of the reactor building after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

The music represents the eerieness of this unearthly site and the scariness of its interior. It challenges the listener’s imagination to experience the bizarre atmosphere of this area without life and without a future.

TV Victor’s CD „Der Kern – Das Fukushima Konzert“ is a musical monument, making a case against the use of nuclear energy for civil and military purposes.


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TV Victor

eigentlich Udo Heitfeld. Hier kannst Du seine Diskographie lesen.

Sein Ziel war und ist: Den Menschen mit seiner Musik etwas Gutes zu tun!

Als Audio kann man All und Agai anhören.

Ich tue Gutes, indem ich: http://www.tv-victor.de/ poste

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