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Fabio Perletta is a renowned contemporary Italian composer and sound artist, known for his atmospheric, detail-oriented approach to music. Fabio has been active for almost a decade and over that period of time he has released a significant amount of stunning material, both solo and in various collaborations. His sound installations have been featured at many revered modern art spaces around the world…


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(Downwards, Clan Destine) gives a sample of his wax library in this reflective mix of fuzzy post-punk, shoegaze and industrial. (listen/download now) – When the first Autumns tracks came out in 2013, no one could reasonably have guessed what road the project would eventually take.

Here we are waiting for Christian Donaghey to follow up two stellar releases on Clan Destine records, neither of which have much to do with the Autumns of Terrible Tuesday (Downwards, 2014). secretthirteen

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Stine compiles a mixtape exploring the complicated and challenging issues of race and society.

Stine about the mix:

„After a visit at the exhibition The Freedom Principle at the MCA in Chicago last year, I was especially fascinated by Glenn Ligon’s piece Give us a Poem, which is the two words „Me” and “We” written in neon. The two-word poem is a quotation of “the greatest of all times” boxer, devout Muslim, and antiwar activist Muhammad Ali. In Ligon’s piece the two words flicker alternately and occasionally simultaneously, suggesting that the individual and the collective are mirroring each other. This mix considers issues of race, violence and double-standards by blending whites, blacks, browns and sex into an aural fantasy of endless cotton fields, drone war, 19th century house concerts, political poetry and bass drops. “

Tracklisting: Stine Janvin Motland – Vera Ward Hall – Muhammad Ali interviewed by Reg Gutterage, Newcastle, England 1977  – Cameron Shafii – Andrei Gavrilov – Bach: French Suite nr 2 – I Allemande – Marcus Schmickler – M.E.S.H – Damaged Merc – Lasse Marhaug – Sarah Hennies – Release – Amiri Baraka – M.I.A –  Kendrick Lamar – Glenn Gould & J. Brahms – DJ Nigga Fox ft. Vipra – Glenn Gould & J. Brahms – Barack Obama at White House Correspondant Assosiation Dinner, 2010 – Muhammad Ali Official War Refusal, 1967 – Glenn Gould & J. Brahms – /


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