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The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Boy Harsher. One of our favorite projects in the American underground, few acts can fuse dark electronic genres as seamlessly as this duo. With a new record out on DKA and an upcoming tour, our Berlin correspondent Marie Bungau interviews the pair to find out more. www.thebrvtalist.com/newbrvtalism077/ @boy-harsher


1. I Have Walked This Body – Jenny Hval & Susanna
2. Temptation – Final Cut
3. Scared To Live – Psychic TV
4. G.I. – 400 Blows & 23 Skidoo
5. Why – Carly Simon
6. Differencia – Riuichi Sakamoto
7. Walking & Falling – Laurie Anderson
8. To The Forest, Towards The Sea – Chelsea Wolfe
9. His Song – Weyes Blood
10. A Color – Tropic of Cancer
11. Congealer – Angels in America
12. Nothin’ – Townes Van Zandt

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