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Notes by Khristos Nizamis: Deep listening with good quality headphones in a quiet environment is highly recommended. Please enter with a quiet mind, and enjoy. This experimental poetic field recording work is a first collaboration between Khristos Nizamis and Ben Gerstein. Khristos originally recorded the ambient soundscape of a creek aqueduct passing beneath a busy urban railway station (with water dripping from the roof of the aqueduct, the occasional shrill call of an unidentified insect, the periodic rumbling of trains passing overhead) in 2019. For that original recording, it was necessary to record in the same location twice: once during the quiet early hours between midnight and dawn (for the sound of dripping water, the calls of the shrill insect, and the subtle acoustics of the space), and once again during the busy hours of the afternoon (for the rumbling of trains passing above the ground overhead); and then to mix the two recordings together. In 2021, he invited Ben to compose and perform a trombone ‘vocalisation’ for this soundscape.

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