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In this documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada, Cohen, together with practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism, elucidates what this ancient book does for people who pass away.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is one of the greatest works to have ever been created by any culture, and it is the most meaningful one in the Buddhist tradition of the West. It is said that book was composed by Padmasambhava, the Indian guru, who introduced Buddhism to Tibet in the eighth century. Like hundreds of his other teachings, the text was supposedly transcribed in a cryptic language and hidden as a sort of “treasure text”, to be discovered in the correct for its transmission. Karma Lingpa, a Terton “seeker of occult teachings”, found it hidden in a Tibetan mountain and, according to legend, he deciphered it in order to be able to orally transmit it to his son. It took several generations for it to finally be transferred onto paper, and it became one of the central teachings within the canon of Tibetan Buddhism.faena.com
                                                                                                  Leonard Cohen on his Life as a Zen Monk

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