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The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West will be the first feature documentary about the great master, Cheng Man-Ching.  The story of a legendary man who brought ancient traditions to the modern world, teaching Westerners how to seek an ethical, open-minded, joyful, natural way of life. We’ve spent ten years filming, interviewing and gathering archival material in order to tell the fascinating story of how Cheng brought Tai Chi and classic Chinese culture to New York during the tumultuous 1960s.

“It is about time this wonderful teacher’s journey West was documented.”  Tony Visconti – Musician, Producer, Tai Chi Practitioner

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Cheng Man Ching (1902 – 1975) performing the Yang 37 movement short form, push hands, and leading a Tai Chi group in this old film from the 1950′s in Taiwan (possibly 1954). Some of the other participants in the film were Ben Lo, Mr. Lung Chi-shan, Liu Hsi-heng, T’ao Ping-siang, and possibly  Weng Tze-ch’uan.



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Cheng Man Ching Teaching Form Corrections

Cheng Man Ching (1902 – 1975) is seen in this video showing his students correct body positions and requirements for his 37 Movement Short Yang form. This 8mm footag was filmed at his school in New York City sometime during the 1960′s. I believe that the person translating what Cheng Man Ching was instructing to the class was his student Tam Gibbs.


Cheng Man Ching had learned Tai Chi Chuan from Yang Cheng Fu, a 3rd generation master of the Yang Family known for the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. It is unclear how long that Cheng Man Ching had learned from Yang, as there are conflicting accounts. However, he studied with Yang long enough to learn and become proficient at the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan…

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