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HTML5 BML Walker

This animation demonstrates a framework for retrieving and visualizing biologically and psychologically relevant information form biological motion patterns. It is based on walking data from 50 male and 50 female walkers. Using a motion capture system their movement were recorded while walking on a treadmill.

The data were subsequently transformed into a representation which allows for linear morphing. The resulting „walking space“ was then transformed usig principal component analysis. A space spanned by the first 10 eigenwalkers was used to compute linear discriminant functions for the respective attributes.

Sex and weight of each walker were directly available from our records. The outer two attributes were derived from psychological experiments. A number of observers were presented with point-light displays of the 100 walkers. For each of them they had to rate the attributes nervous/relaxed and happy/sad on a scale of 6 steps.

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WebGL is a new standard becoming available to display fast 3D graphics in a browser by exposing a simplified OpenGL interface to Javascript. This new technology is allowing us to make even more interesting demonstrations of our data. In this case, we have created a 3D version of our regular walker complete with an option to enable a full skeleton.

Click HERE to view the WebGL walker.

With this demo we are showing here that the point-light walkers generated by tools such as BMLrating can also be expanded into fully animated bodies with all the degrees of freedom required for more realistic renderings of computer graphic characters.

For more information on the walker itself, please see our walker page.

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