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The Kleefstra Bros are poet Jan Kleefstra and guitarist Romke Kleefstra, both members of Piiptsjilling, The Alvaret Ensemble, CMKK, Tsjinlûd, Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra and several collaborations. – kleefstrabros.bandcamp.com

Dize is the 8th album by Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra (K|B|K). It was recorded during the same sessions as the trio’s 6th album Dage (Low Point, 2016) and can be considered as its twin album. As always, the music was 100% improvised, with no negotiation beforehand. The result is, what one might call typical K|B|K, slowly moving, pitch dark soundscapes by the guitars and effects of Romke Kleefstra and Anne-Chris Bakker, with spare spoken word by Jan Kleefstra. – released February 17, 2017


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De bruorren Jan en Romke Kleefstra hawwe beide in passy foar muzyk en keunst. Jan is dichter en sjonger en Romke is gitarist en soundscaper. Jan hat al faak optreden yn it lân en hat trije dichtbondels makke. Romke hat yn ferskate bands spile en is no bassist yn e band Music for the defect. Mar se dogge noch folle mear. Yn e K-rûte in portret oer de manlju.

Dage kleefstrabros.bandcamp.com

by Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra

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Over the past few years, Aidan Baker (Nadja, Werl, Hypnodrone Ensemble, Caudal and many more) and [ B O L T ] have worked on a joint project – and the work has paid off. The result is a massive sound storm consisting of drone, feedback and an extravagant atmosphere. The three basses create a gloomy soundscape with the percussions contributing textural and atmospheric elements, rather than beatss or rhythms. The two songs on the collaboration album are like a maelstrom, a journey, a flight through a foggy night. – released December 10, 2021 – wearebolt.bandcamp.com

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Unreleased long form piece recorded in 2018. Restructured, mixed, and mastered in November 2021
dirkserries.bandcamp.com  –  Dirk Serries : electric guitar, effects.

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Dirk Serries has never shied away from leaps of faith or experimentation. This bandcamp page serves as a collection for his diversity in styles, collaborations and solo recordings. From the pure bliss to the free improvisation: dirkserries.bandcamp.com

released August 22, 2021

Improvised and performed live at Walk The Line Festival (Tivoli-Vredenburg Theater, Utrecht – The Netherlands) on August 8th, 2021.

Dirk Serries : electric guitar, effects. dirkserriesmicrophonics.bandcamp.com

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    by Seán Doran© ‚There Are Many Different Kinds of Love‘ by Chris Zabriskie / https://chriszabriskie.bandcamp.com/

I Made This While You Were Asleep by Chris Zabriskie


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Jacob by N + Ehnahre

„Jacob“ is a collaboration between Ehnahre and drone guitarist N (Hellmut Neidhardt).
Lyrical content is adapted from „The Street of Crocodiles“ by Bruno Schulz. hier

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Robbie Basho Live in Concert, Forlì, Italy. Recorded 11 October 1982. (Vinyl edition Autumn/Winter 2017). released June 27, 2017) Sincere Thanks to Mario Calvitti for providing the unmastered original tape source and Giovanni Picone for organizing and recording the original. Additional Thanks to Maurizio Angeletti and Steffen Basho-Junghans. bandcamp

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