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von Andrus Kannel

The recording was made on August 10 in the nature reserve of Alam-Pedja, Estonia.

The first 14 minutes, with gusts of wind and cricket phrases, seem like breathing or snoring. Very hypnotic. Then the wind dies down and the cricket comes closer and sounds louder. After the 28th minute, longer pauses occur, and structural details are heard in the song. After 38 minutes, cricket calls become rare until he remains completely silent.


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Photo with sound. Sound and photo landscape. Audiophoto. Soundphoto. Seagulls guard post on Audru polder. The sound is taken in the spring, the photo in the same place in the winter. The photo opens the imagination, what could be the scenery here in the spring. Because the photo remains static and strong, it has a sound-enhancing effect. That’s why at one point all the attention goes to the dynamic soundscape and its details. This is a technique for drawing attention to the soundscape using a photograph. Headphones recommended.

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