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Mike Shannon – Into A Deeper Unknown Recorded live July 29th, 1979 below the sand dunes in the Fort Funston Bunkers in San Francisco. Neina – Formed Verse (1999): without Elegant Simplicity

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Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on May 4, 1979. The Manchester episode of Something Else, a youth program produced by the BBC with the mandate of offering teenagers “something else” to watch, was first broadcast on September 15, 1979, so it makes for a fascinating shapshot of the conditions that led to her becoming the head of state.

The program features live performances from Joy Division (“Transmisson” and “She’s Lost Control”) and the Jam (”Eton Rifles” and “When You’re Young”)…

… The absolute best thing on this entire video, by far, are Ian Curtis’ dance moves during the guitar parts of “She’s Lost Control.” – dangerousminds.net/


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