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Der Tod ist eine Selbstbesiegung – die wie alle Selbstüberwindung, eine neue leichtere Existenz verschafft. (Ath.292)

Leben ist der Anfang des Todes. Das Leben ist um des Todes willen. Der Tod ist Endigung und Anfang zugleich – Scheidung und nähere Selbstverbindung zugleich. Durch den Tod wird die Reduktion vollendet.

(14, Seite 428 in den Vermischten Bemerkungen. DTV)


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At Terror Street and Agony Way (1968)

130 minutes of the first-ever recordings of Charles Bukowski reading his own work. Culled from tapes made by Bukowski at his Los Angeles home in 1968 for biographer and rock critic Barry Miles, long before the author had begun regular public readings. Bukowski was so shy he insisted that he record alone. He reads both poetry and prose, gets thoroughly drunk during the recording, and bitches about his life, his landlord, and his neighbors.

70 Minutes in Hell (1969)

70 Minutes in Hell, a German home recording made in 1969 of Charles Bukowski. What makes this so compelling is that nobody can read Bukowski like Bukowski.

The Buk’s 60-plus books offer a glimpse into the world of horse tracks, seedy bars, and sleazy LA rooming houses. 70 Minutes in Hell, with its haphazard recording (replete with comments to the German dude making the recording and the sound of traffic passing by) gives us some insight into the world of an aloof, desperate and drunken man disinterested in the normalities of society.

Regardless whether you’re an insomniac, a narcoleptic or none of the above, if you’re a Buk fan you need to listen.

und mehr noch hier: www.ubu.com/sound/bukowski.html


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S.Y.P.H – Moderne Romantik & Jugendgefühle

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