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Ein Statement von Uve Schmidt – Volk ohne Traum XXIII

Seit Anfang Oktober boten die Supermärkte bereits Christstollen an, welche weder aus China importiert, noch von illegalen Indochinesen in Sachsen gefälscht worden sind und gleich gar nicht in einer am Kirchenkalender orientierten Klosterbäckerei entstanden, sondern an profanen Fließbändern zwischen Lübeck und Lindau hergestellt wurden, womöglich von Muslimen und Atheisten, und so meldete der ostasiatische Trendscout seiner Handelskammer: In Deutschland weihnachtet es immer früher – tüchtige Tiger, haltet euch ran!




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This is the music of the 14th century.  To understand it, one must listening with their 14th century ears and not your 21st.  Also start reading about this time and the events that inspired this musical expression.  You will find a fascinating time in which the Western world did not have the tonality that it’s used to now – and just a few generations produce some of the finest composers that lived in that time. Look up Josquin des Prez. – kommentiert Patrick Wells

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Like most of his Cristóbal de Morales‘ motets his setting of the Marian antiphon Regina caeli is a five-part setting. It probably dates from fairly late on in his career and in one way is fairly conventional in that it quotes the chant fairly heavily. Conventional? I’d prefer to say that it’s a great example of de Morales‘ ingenuity he quotes the chant it is true, but listen to what he does with it giving it to the higher voices – the sopranos and the altos to sing it in canon at the lower fifth and providing them with some wonderfully light and delicate ornamentation like a musical filigree to show what they can do. Enjoy :-).- saturdaychorale.com/

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